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dub is the first copy-trading platform where you can automatically copy other investors.

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Don't have time to trade? Copy someone on dub.

Copy investors trading their own unique investment strategies. See their performance real-time.

Copy A Portfolio

Good at investing? Share your own trades for others to copy.

Prove your investing skills by trading your own portfolio on dub and building a validated track record.

Make Your Portfolio

Start trading sophisticated strategies by copying on dub.

We aren't joking around. Find portfolios using strategies from places like top hedge funds to copy.

Beat The Competition

You are our top priority.

Top Security

Your accounts are secured via AES grade bank grade encryption and security.

SIPC Insured

Your accounts are insured up to $500,000 by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, or SIPC.

FINRA & SEC Regulated

dub's family of companies includes a Broker Dealer, Member FINRA and a SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Common Questions

What does it mean to copy someone?

Copy is an innovative feature on dub that enables you to mirror the investment portfolio created by another user automatically. When the portfolio creator trades, your account will trade at the same time and at the same price as the creator’s account. This ensures your investment remains aligned with the portfolio in real time.

Why should I copy someone?

If you like a portfolio, you can copy it to capture that portfolio’s strategy in your own account, allowing you to benefit from a creator’s insights without having to replicate their strategy yourself.

Some investors might not know where to start, and having the ability to copy different strategies and see how they perform can be a good first step. Other users might use copy trading as a way to learn and build off of strategies we have on the app.

Who can I copy?

Right now, you can copy a variety of strategies created by @dubCapital, our in-house registered investment advisor.

Alternatively, you can copy portfolios by various creators who have elected to share their portfolios on dub. Creators on dub come from various backgrounds. Some may have professionally managed billions of dollars, while others may have gained recognition for their stock-picking ability through social media.

Soon you'll be able to copy anyone's portfolio! (coming soon)

Can people copy my portfolio?

If you wish to make your portfolio public on dub, please fill out this form.

What does dub cost?

dub is a commission-free investment app. However, dub will soon be offering soon a freemium version of the platfom where users will be allowed to copy up to one portfolio for free. To copy more than one portfolio, to access portfolio creation, and other premium features, users will be required to subscribe for $9.99 a month.

How do we differ from other investing apps?

dub is centered around Copying, or commonly known as copy-trading. Unlike other trading apps, dub believes the future of trading revolves around investing in people and their ideas. The days of picking individual stocks and not knowing when to sell or double down are in the past. We are building a community where people can share strategies, track records, and knowledge.

Are there any minimums to invest?

There is a $100 deposit minimum as well as differing minimums for individual portfolios that you copy.

How long do I have to wait until my money is deposited in the app?

Deposits up to $1,000 are instantly available for investment. Larger deposits typically take 1-2 days to become fully available.

Are you regulated?

dub owns two subsidiaries, (DASTA Financial) a broker dealer registered with the SEC and Member FINRA & SIPC, and (DASTA Investments, “dub Capital”) a registered investment advisor with the SEC.

Who can register for dub?

Currently dub is only available to US Citizens, US Greencard Holders, and US Permanent residents. We plan on making dub more widely available ASAP. If you aren't currently eligble to use dub and potentially early access, please reach out to

Meet dub’s Leadership Team.

From previous company exits to JD's & Ph.D.'s to battlefield experience in Afghanistan to decades in finance, the dub team has you covered.
Steven Wang
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Brett Chereskin
Chief Operating Officer
Justin Reich
Vice President of Engineering
Justin Ramirez
Chief Compliance Officer, Counsel

Finally feel in control of your investments.

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